Happy Meeting

Poaching Daisies has hit the bookstore shelves! Come get one before they are all gone! Here is my Amazon review. 

This taken at Eborn Books, on April 19, 2013: Downtown Salt Lake City, Utah.

And Happy Anniversary to Mick and Carole Warburton, who on this day celebrated 34 years of marriage!


A few days ago Baby Blues and I had a chance to go and meet a great author, who also happens to be my former teacher! Carole Thayne Warburton was my 8th grade English teacher, who came to Pleasant Grove Junior High to teach Art and English to the bunch of us. I’m pretty sure we were a difficult class to work with. And of course ANY person who can shut themselves up with moody teens for eight hours a day is pretty dang amazing. But Mrs. Warburton encountered an exceptionally antsy group of kids in us. Thanks Carole for putting up with us! You did a great job, even though we never told you that. 🙂

Carole is a great writer! She left Pleasant Grove after only a year with us, and settled in Cache Valley. The night of this book signing I went home and read one of her earlier books, “Just Shy of Paradise” in one sitting. I loved that it was set in an area that was special to my father’s Jorgensen and Sorensen ancestors for a number of generations. Many of those I love are resting peacefully in the Hyrum Utah Cemetery. I can’t wait to get into Poaching Daisies, it promises to be another page turner!

And by the way, here’s a shout out to my dear friends in the H family, originally of San Jose! I was pleasantly surprised to see our good friend DH on this night, who happens to work at Eborn Books, a store I intend to bring my husband back to very soon. I love the H’s almost as much as I love my very own family. I was blessed with great mentors as a youth. G and RM were among the most influential to me.


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